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About CCE
Creepy Crawlers Express has been providing educational hands-on presentations since 1999. Our goal is to educate children in a fun and creative way. Our knowledgable and experienced staff provide a relaxed atmosphere where children can feel safe while handling our creatures and materials. We offer a variety of educational and curriculum-based programs to enhance any classroom theme from preschool through to the elementary grades. All of our presentations are fully insured, and designed to promote curiosity and to provide opportunities to encourage children along their way to discovery.

Our services are provided to any location in the GTA and beyond.


Our diverse selection of general and curriculum-based programs includes:
Insects and spiders
Our insect presentations are hands-on educational presentations that cover a variety of themes such as: body parts, insect camouflage, metamorphosis, how insects protect themselves, the diversity of insects, and unique characteristics of insects. The insects that the students will be able to handle are harmless. The live insects include: stick bugs, beetles, silkworms, hissing cockroaches, and millipedes. As our presentation also focuses on the differences between insects and arachnids (spiders and scorpions), live tarantulas and scorpions will also be observed (not touched) during our shows.

A variety of preserved insect specimens will also be utilized in our presentations to show: the largest beetles in the world, the largest moths in the world, the longest insect, and some of the most beautiful iridescent butterflies on earth. A must see experience for any bug enthusiast!
Our science programs encourage children's innate desire and curiosity to learn the "how", "why" and "what" of the world around them. Children learn to develop observation skills as well as learn to hypothesize and make conclusions through various experiments. The children are encouraged to think like young scientists during many of our fun and interactive demonstrations. From dry ice to the "coolest" scientific gadgets around, this show will no doubt captivate budding science enthusiasts and adults alike!
Reptiles and Amphibians
Our reptile/amphibian presentations are similar to our insect presentation in that they are hands-on and educational. The children will learn the differences between reptiles and amphibians, turtles and tortoises, warm and cold-blooded animals.

The live reptiles include: bearded dragons, leopard geckos, chameleons, blue-tongued skink, turtles, box turtles, red foot tortoise, Russian tortoise, African spur thigh tortoise, a variety of frogs, newts, a corn snake, and more! All of our reptiles are tame and can be handled by the children. Our presentation will leave you completely fascinated about the intriguing world of reptiles!
Furry Friends
Learn all about the world of small mammals with our furry friends presentation. Our presentation will focus on the characteristics of mammals in comparison to other groups of animals such as birds. Our furry friends include: ferrets, hamsters, rats, chinchillas, guinea pigs/skinny pigs, hedgehogs and even a dove. All of our furry friends are tame and able to be handled. During this show, you can see how a hedgehog protects itself, feed a skinny pig and even walk a ferret on a leash!
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